Sinful Sunday Smiles

by Synthetic Lying Machine

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Shit from 2006-2009.


released July 27, 2009

(c) 2009 Everything by Sean.
Except "Jenna's Injection (Don't Go Home) " Words & Music by Syd/Sean



all rights reserved


Synthetic Lying Machine Mumbai, India

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Track Name: Primal Speech Therapy
Primal Speech Therapy

Our hope is spat upon
Your pretty speech is ready-made

I'll drown
You float

But I want my spot

I'll drown
You float
When I'll die you'll gloat
Track Name: Sinful Sunday Smiles 1
Sinful Sunday Smiles 1

I feel the void in your voice
Follow him down the mystic lands
Do you see what you were told

In the forest
They just won't let you know and decide

Just when you need it- its not there
(Just when- I can see)

Golden horns
Bleeding grounds
But make your smile worthwhile

Don't laugh
I won't laugh
Track Name: In The Wet Garden Of KatzenJammer
In The Wet Garden Of KatzenJammer

Always a lonely widow just like your dead mother
Show me your multi-coloured fingers
City dogs and rats follow her down into the bloody rivers
Cyn won't you smile its been a while
Cyn won't you speak, won't you dream for a while

Pain is a perfectly sculpted garden of abandonment

Somebody speaks up and all my evening fears disappears
Unmarked graves and unbarked trees is where we'll all hide
Drown yourself to lower all your heartbeats and nightmares

Pain is a perfectly sculpted garden of abandonment

Pockets filled with sharp noises of your dead grand daughters
The man on the train wishes me to call him Jane and feel his ways
He is a dying machine with a head full of all the electronics of a lair

Pain is a perfectly sculpted garden of abandonment
Track Name: Pharmaphilia

Independence gone
Chemical dependency
Is my last way out

The heretics are gone
Mildest curiosity
Is what they don't want

Correct me if I'm wrong
My father's philosophies
Is what makes me wrong

The mushrooms are gone
A symbiotic relationship
Is what we all have
Track Name: Beyond This Line
Beyond This Line

Beyond this line I'm trapped
Shadows mock me around
Take off all your clothes
Put on sinful Sunday smiles
I can hear as you tap on my spine
Bottled children smile at me
Track Name: Idiot Box
Idiot Box

Just late night television
Always a lonely vacation
Don't you let me know
All the things that i want to know
Just won't leave me alone
All you fucked up little souls
Track Name: Jenna's Injection(Don't Go Home)
Jenna's Injection (Don't Go Home)

Jenna don’t go home
The darkness awaits you
Crying’ for the wicked dolls
You never got to play with

Dreaming’ of the heavens
You never got to go
So, Jenna don’t go home

The Gods of the Pink land
Would come to bless you
The blonde princess would
Come and caress you

You’ll get all the joys you ever wanted
So, Jenna don’t go home

For I’ll take you there
Into the mystic flare
Away from the shackles of deception
Shackles that you stare
Sitting on a broken chair
With all your nightmares
No one seems to care
Track Name: Spaceyhead
If you figure it out let me know. Okay?